What cats have an unbearable character: the top 5 "hard" breeds

Cats can be vindictive and aggressive

Pets lift our spirits and feel when we feel bad. However, not all cats can be sweet and kind to their owners, and it doesn't mean that they don't love you, it's just in their genetics.

The complex and willful nature of a cat depends on its breed. OBOZREVATEL gathered the most common types of fluffy cats that can play on your nerves (scroll to the end of the news to see the photo).


Cats of this breed must be treated with respect and given enough attention. Because they can get offended and take revenge when you do not expect it. Angry cats will not allow you to violate their personal boundaries, for such a thing your pet will show his anger and your hands will be scratched.

If you have children, it is better to choose another breed of cat, more friendly. Because children can unconsciously offend the four-legged, to which they will not "keep quiet".


Maine Coon .

These beautiful and majestic furballs with unusual ear shapes, are highly intelligent, and can weigh up to 15 pounds. For the most part, they are kind and do not like to be left alone for long, but also excessive attention, can cause aggressive behavior. Therefore, caution should be exercised with them.



Cats of this breed are not only similar to leopards by their coloring, but also have hunting instincts and are very temperamental. To avoid their aggressive nature, you need to pay a lot of attention and affection from childhood.

They are very active and inquisitive, so long do not sit in one place. And in the absence of the owners can make a complete mess in the house.


British shorthair

Fluffers of this breed are proud and temperamental. They do not really like people, so they keep their owners at a distance. They do not like it when they are often taken in the arms and long do not let go. So, you can get not only scratches, but also bites.

A good and trusting relationship with a cat can only be established with prolonged communication.



This breed is often compared to dogs. They are friends only with their master and guard their territory from strangers. They are very loyal and rarely show aggression. This can happen if excessive attention is shown when they don't like it.


OBOZREVATEL previously told you that when your cat howls, it may indicate serious problems.

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