What can not be given to a man: omens


There are many folk omens associated with gifts. According to beliefs, some things can bring health problems, conflicts, lack of money, and turmoil in his personal life.

Superstitious people believe that you can not give sharp objects and candles, and women as gifts are advised not to choose mirrors and pearls. There are also versions that men should not be given ties and watches. Read more about superstitions in the article OBOZREVATEL.

"Tie" superstitions

It would seem - a practical and versatile gift, but fans of prejudice do not think so. It has long been said that the tie is as if "will attract" the man to the giver against his will because ties are often used for magical charms and magic rituals. This, however, does not apply to cases when a tie is given to a person close to him: husband, father, brother, or uncle.

Is it possible to give a watch as a gift?

This omen exists in many cultures. Our ancestors used to say that one shouldn't give a watch as a present in order not to bring illness. Watches, according to the beliefs, can "take away" youth and health. In addition, there is an old omen, according to which, giving the watch "gives" the other part of the measured lifetime. It is also not advised to give the watch as a wedding gift to newlyweds. In that case, the gift would be a symbol of trials and the end of a carefree life.


If to present a knife

To give a knife or any sharp object is to quarrel. It was said that in this way you could "cut off" good relations and cause conflicts and disputes. Even in pagan times, people believed that knives carried destructive energy. According to another version, a gifted knife could cause illness.

Socks as a gift

There is a rather unusual interpretation of this omen. According to the belief, to give a man socks - to a quarrel. The people said that it is in the gift of socks a man can quickly quarrel with his wife and leave home.

Bag, suitcase, or purse.

Here everything is simple: you can not give an empty purse, bag or suitcase. To "level out" the negative meaning of the omen, you can put a souvenir, a coin, or sweets inside.

What's wrong with house slippers

You can give homemade slippers, but only if they are not white in color. White house slippers are a symbol of illness and death.

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