What breeds of cats are the most sociable: they "talk" all the time

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Cats have a whole range of intonations and sounds for their humans

Despite the fact that cats in general are rather quiet creatures, some breeds can please their owners with the ability to "talk". Of course, they can't speak human words, but they can meow when called and vocalize themselves when they need something from a human. Some cat lovers this habit incredibly pleases.

Therefore OBOZREVATEL gathered the top of the most talkative cat breeds. A human will never be bored with them.


These big-eared and nosy, slender beauties can and do respond to calls, and they also purr like a tractor. Orientals love attention. A lot of attention. And are not shy to demand it.

Siamese cat

In addition to beautiful blue eyes, this ancient breed boasts a high degree of sociability. Some people find the loud voice and insistent tone of the Siamese somewhat unpleasant, but in fact it is a manifestation of love for humans.

Singapore cat

Despite their small size, these creatures have a loud and strong voice, which they enjoy using. And they seem to enjoy hearing themselves, so they really do vocalize a lot.

Bengal Cat

The Bengal, though of "wild" origin, is still a very socialized breed. This is manifested, in particular, through talkativeness. The voice of representatives of the breed is loud and not pleasant for everyone. In addition, they can be rather intrusive in their attempts to talk. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with the little Bengal and its habits before you take such a cat home.

Maine Coon

These giants with an outstanding sense of dignity will not talk to just anyone. They only talk to people who are really important to them. But if you manage to become an interesting interlocutor for a Maine Coon, you will be amazed by the range of his intonation.

Burmese cat

Representatives of this breed adore all forms of communication, from physical contact to "conversation. They come to their own people and begin to "talk" to them. This is a signal to leave everything and give a burma a little bit of your warmth.

Japanese bobtail

If cats could sing, Japanese Bobtails would be the best at it. Owners note their pleasant tone of voice with a wide range of intonation, which they happily use to communicate.

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