What appliances make your home even warmer in the summer: Turn them off immediately

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The heat in the room

On hot summer days, you can keep your house or apartment cool even without air conditioning. Few people know that ordinary household appliances can make the situation worse.

Some appliances make the house warmer in the summer. What appliances give off heat and what should be turned off in summer to cool the room, told the Express.

Appliances that need to be plugged into outlets usually produce a certain level of heat, enough to further increase the temperature in the room. This is especially true for small rooms with little ventilation.

Allan Reid, general manager and real estate expert at Art Windows and Doors, stressed that you should "avoid energy-absorbing electronics" to help keep your home cool.

"Using electronics, such as a TV or computer, consumes a significant amount of electricity, especially if the appliances are on for long periods of time," Reid stressed.

Thus, in the heat, it's best to either turn them on for short periods or not turn them on at all.

Chris Nye, a real estate expert at Your Overseas Home, added that plugged-in appliances generate heat even if they are turned off or not in use.

He advises unplugging the following appliances:

  • toasters;
  • kettles;
  • computers;
  • music centers;
  • televisions.

As for large appliances such as washing machines, Chris recommends using them only at night if possible - unless, of course, the noise would disturb the neighbors in the apartment building.

Dishwashers should also be turned on at night. As a nice bonus, this will save on energy bills.

Incandescent light bulbs, which, according to the expert, "waste a huge amount of their energy on the heat they emit," should be replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Colette Toman, Make My Blinds interior stylist, suggested not charging gadgets at night if the room is too hot, because they emit heat, which will raise the temperature even more. It's better to put your phone on charge in the early morning.

By the way, everyone knows that in summer you should drink a lot of water, sleep with the windows open and choose clothes made of natural fabrics. But there are also less obvious tips. For example, during the period of maximum heat it is better to give up ice cream and asparagus. Also, experts do not recommend doing certain cosmetic procedures. What else there are ways to avoid overheating - read in this article.

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