What absolutely must not be thrown down the toilet: the plumber will be furious

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What should not be flushed down the toilet

It is necessary to get rid of the habit of throwing all the junk into the toilet and sink. This can lead to total clogging, which even the plumbers will not be able to cope with.

Some people still throw brew or leftover flour into the sink. Why you can't flush hair from a comb down the toilet and how the fat poured out of the frying pan affects the sewage system, OBOZREVATEL investigated.

What should not be thrown into the toilet bowl

Plumbers do not advise throwing even paper towels down the toilet. They have a higher density than ordinary toilet paper and dissolve poorly in water.

If you are used to flushing cat litter down the toilet, stop doing so immediately. The filler is knocked into a lump, which forms a kind of "plug" in the sewer. The same goes for feminine hygiene products, cotton pads and diapers. They get very swollen from water.

Hair from a comb will stick to other waste, get tangled in a tight "clump" and create a "plug" in the sewer system. Cigarettes and charcoal do not dissolve in water at all.

Tea brew, dough, pasta, rice not only form a clog, but leave dirty streaks on the toilet bowl.

In addition, stickers, labels and small papers should not be flushed down the toilet.

What should not be flushed down the sink

According to plumbers, hostesses often pour food scraps and table junk down the kitchen sink, which leads to clogged pipes quickly.

The most common mistake is to drain coffee grounds. It does not dissolve in water and sticks to the pipes.

Grease from the frying pan, vegetable oil and oil after frying, having cooled down, creates a "plug" in the sewer.

Some people flush flour or dough residue down the sink. You can't do this, because when they get wet, they increase in size, and other wastes stick to them in the pipes. This also applies to cosmetic products, for example, clay face masks. It is better not to wash the remains of such masks in the sink, so as not to provoke an obstruction of the pipes.

Bones from lemons and other fruits, seeds, husks, cut nails should be thrown in the trash, not in the sink or toilet. As they accumulate, they create clogs in the sewage system.

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