"We need to elect a new leadership of the country": Russian TV suddenly says Putin needs to be replaced. Video.

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Russian TV suddenly says Putin needs to be replaced

Another propaganda show on Russian federal television went off the rails. One of the speakers suddenly announced that it was time to change the president in the aggressor country.

Moreover, the propagandist openly called for the next year to elect another president instead of dictator Vladimir Putin. A fragment of the propaganda show was published on Telegram (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Boris Nadezhdin, president of the Institute of Regional Projects and Legislation, suggested replacing the Russian dictator. According to him, in the event of a change in the Kremlin's head, the terrorist Russian state would be able to return to normal relations with Europe.

He also openly called for the upcoming presidential elections in 2024 to elect someone else instead of Putin.

"Under the current political regime we won't be able to return to Europe. We just need to elect another leadership of the country, which will stop this story with Ukraine and build a normal relationship with European countries. And everything will fall into place. Next year, the Presidential elections will be held; we must elect someone else, not Putin, and everything will be fine," the propagandist said.

Not surprisingly, such rhetoric seriously alarmed the hosts of the propaganda TV channel. After calling for a change in the political regime in Russia, the hosts urged the speaker to control his statements.

It should be reminded that on a NTV talk show, an expert propagandist was forced to admit that the so-called special operation announced by the Kremlin dealt a crushing blow to the very ideals of the "Russian world.

Earlier, the odious Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov complained about another attack of anxiety over the deplorable situation of the Russian army of occupation. However, this time he began to scare the entire civilized world not with nuclear weapons but with climate weapons.

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