"We must say it straight": Russian TV dreamed about the "walk" of the Wagnerites to Poland and named a priority target. Video

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Russian propagandists have dreamed of a ''walk'' of ''Wagnerites'' to Poland.

Russian propagandists on RosTB dreamed about the "walk" of the "Wagnerites" to the territory of Poland. They said that no fence on the Polish-Belarusian border would not prevent the mercenaries from organizing a "bavovna" at the airfield in Rzeszów.

One of the "experts" spoke about it on the air of the propaganda show. He said that Belarus now has "elite" fighters with "unique experience of modern warfare" (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"As for military decisions, we must say directly that now, of course, the most discussed topic is the redeployment of PMC "Wagner", personnel, to the Republic of Belarus. I want to say that the best specialists, who were at the disposal of this structure, have been sent there," assured the speaker.

The propagandist ridiculed the wall, built by Poland on the border with Belarus and said that about 100 illegal immigrants' infiltrations are allegedly recorded through it per day.

"Do you think that the saboteurs will not pass in small groups and get to this Polish airfield? And believe me, the Belarusian border guards will not interfere with them, as we have legal grounds for that. People want to visit the European Union, the Poles themselves have interrupted all relations with us in the field of state border protection. Our operatives or outpost commander to the Polish colleague can not even call if he sees these "Wagnerians" in binoculars, and will not do it," - raved the "expert".

"Therefore, this "rattle of arms" is hardly able to stop people who want to "walk" somewhere there on the territory of Poland. I do not rule out that partisans, people of goodwill, they can organize the famous 'bavovna' in this shitty Rzeszów, at the airfield," the Russian said.


Recall: July 23, at a meeting with the head of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, the so-called president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said bluntly: " Wagner" mercenaries are raring to "march" on Poland and want to arrange a "tour" to Warsaw and Rzeszów. The dictator issued another fable about the threat of "dismemberment of Ukraine" and promised to "support" the western Ukrainian population if "asked".

"Detachment of the west of Ukraine, dismemberment of Ukraine is unacceptable for us! And if it is necessary for the western population of Ukraine, of course we will support them. I ask that you discuss and think through this issue," he told the Kremlin chief.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak hinted that the new military unit stationed in Augustów would counter threats from Russia, as well as Belarus, where mercenaries of the private military company Wagner are located. He assured that the current government cares about Poland's security and therefore creates new military units and modernizes the existing ones.

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