Warmth and sunshine: in what countries is better to start the beach season in May

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The best resorts for spring holidays

May is the best month for the opening of the beach season. In many tourist countries the water warms up to 20-23 degrees, the rainy season is over, the weather improves. However, the beaches are still quite sparse and prices are lower than in May. Where to go this month to the water - read in the selection OBOZREVATEL.


Rather expensive, but very beautiful and comfortable resort. At this time there is a significant reduction in rainfall, and the temperature rises to 28-32 degrees above zero. The Indian Ocean at this time pleases with warm and calm waters.


The only disadvantage of spring holidays in this country is very high humidity. However, and it will not interfere if you like to spend a significant part of the vacation at the beach. The most popular resorts are Grand Baie, Le Morne, Belle-ombre and Mayeburg.

If you want to see the local attractions, then pay attention to the National Park. Here you can climb to the highest point of the island. You should also visit the local Botanical Gardens and the village of Chamarel, known for its colorful sand dunes.



In May in Egypt, the beach season begins. At this time the resort cities are filled with vacationers, and prices increase significantly after the traditional winter decline.

In the spring the temperature in the country is very pleasant, which usually does not exceed 28-30 degrees with a plus mark. The same applies to the water, which warms up to 23 degrees.


Tourists can choose between two popular destinations, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In both at this time already quite a lot of foreigners.

In addition to beach holidays, we advise to visit at least one excursion to the ancient sights. In particular, trips to the pyramids of Giza, the city-museum of Luxor and, of course, to Cairo will be interesting.


Sri Lanka

This exotic country is especially attractive to tourists in the spring. Although at this time it can be too hot - more than 30 degrees above zero, but the water gets up to 27 degrees. So here you can easily sunbathe and swim for hours in the Indian Ocean.


There are not many architectural or historical monuments in this country, but it is striking for its tropical beauty. Tall palm trees, lots of greenery, fruit trees growing everywhere - all this is forever engraved in the memory of foreigners who at least once visited this resort.

It is important to note that in the southern part of Sri Lanka in April-May the rainy season begins, so it's better to choose northeastern resorts for your vacation.



In the second half of spring, Brazil's beach season begins. Rainfall decreases to almost zero and the air temperature rises sharply. Currently, almost all resorts in the country thermometer shows 28-30 degrees plus, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the water temperature.


If you have chosen this country for your spring vacation, then be sure to add an excursion to the statue of Christ the Savior, Iguassu Falls, and national parks to your plans.



Traditionally, the high season in the Maldives is considered the winter months. So in April, prices at the resort drop significantly and there are fewer people on the beaches. This is due to the fact that in May at the resort begins the rainy season. However, there is still time to relax in this paradise place.




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