Vintage vibe: 5 things for spring that you can find in your grandmother's wardrobe. Photo.

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Oversized cardigans and floral print blouses have been in fashion for years.

Do you want to create a unique look? You don't have to go far to do so. You will find stylish clothes in the family collection. Borrow trendy items from your mum or grandmother that have retained a neat look.

Take a closer look at pearl jewellery and oversized cardigans with large buttons. Read what else you should pay attention to in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1 Blouse/shirt with a floral print

Look for models with ruffles, flounces or ties in your home wardrobe and always with a floral print. You can style this blouse with a denim skirt or high-waisted trousers. Large earrings and rings will also fit in well here.


2. Long or midi skirt

Get inspired by the fashion of the late twentieth century. Find a silhouette skirt in your wardrobe, whether it's pleated, flared or with a slit. Add a leather belt to it, and top it with a shirt, blouse or long sleeves. This will make your look elegant and will definitely captivate the eyes of others.


3. Cardigan

This is an item that can be found in the closet not only of your mother or grandmother, but also of your father or grandfather. Choose a cardigan that has retained its presentable appearance. If you really like the model, but there are small imperfections, you can cover them with patches sold in sewing stores.


4. Wide bracelets

In 2023, wide bracelets, which were popular when our grandmothers were young, came back into fashion. These accessories can be different: gold-plated, silver, pearl or gemstone. Choose the jewellery you like and complement your outfits with it. Wear it over the sleeves of shirts, vintage blouses or turtlenecks.


5. Jewellery made of pearls

Pearls are the stones that will refresh your spring looks. You will look delicate and elegant. They can be styled with suits, dresses, shirts with skirts, overalls or blouses with trousers. Don't be afraid to experiment.


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