"Ukrainians put you out like dogs": Chechen woman "smashes" Russians in Finland. Video.

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Chechen woman puts Russians in their place in Finland

In Finland, a Chechen woman effectively put a couple of Russians in their place. The woman said that she could not tolerate Russian citizens who support all the atrocities that their government had committed first against the Chechen people and now against Ukrainians.

The video of the woman was shared online. The Chechen woman put the Russians in their place, who love their country so much, but for some reason came to Helsinki (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

Thus, when a Russian asked the Chechen woman why she spoke Russian if she disliked Russians so much, she easily switched to Chechen and then to English. The woman noted that she could speak six languages, and that her Russian "interlocutors" could not even comprehend her own language.

"I'm Chechen and I speak six languages. And you know your shitty Russian and that's it. Maybe you learnt Finnish to get citizenship here," the woman said.

In the conversation, the woman also switched to Ukrainian and expressed her joy that Ukrainians are now eliminating the occupiers.

"Do you not like Ukrainians because they put you out like dogs? And why did your face change when I mentioned Ukrainians?" - the woman said.

The Chechen woman also noted that she was forced to move to Finland because Russia had previously come to "liberate" her people.

"I've been living here for 13 years because you came to my house, you will destroy my house. Didn't anyone come to me? You supported all this! Yeltsin, and then this Botox f*ggot," the woman said indignantly.


Earlier it was reported that in Russia, families of mobilised soldiers killed in the war against Ukraine were given tickets to the circus. Russians did not like this "gift" from the state for the families of those killed in the war. Many wrote outrageous comments about the appropriateness of such an initiative.

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