Ukrainian plant sold strategic equipment to Russia in the midst of war: Security Service uncovers large-scale scheme

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Ukrainian plant worked with Russia
Ukrainian plant worked with Russia

One of the Ukrainian factories in Sumy is suspected of cooperation with the aggressor country. The investigation found that the company supplied pumps for the nuclear energy and oil and gas industries to Russia, bypassing sanctions during a full-scale war.

This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). They clarified that it was a large-scale scheme to supply strategically important products to Russia. The plant's management has already been notified of suspicion, searches have been conducted, and the company's property worth UAH 365 million has been seized.

The company in question is probablyNasosenergomash, although the name of the plant has not been officially disclosed. It is the largest pump manufacturer in the region, and Nasosenergomash is also part of the HMS group.

This coincides with the data provided by the SSU. "The company is part of the Russian financial and industrial group HMS, which is one of the largest donors to the Russian budget," the statement said.

Results of searches

The investigation established that the scheme of supplying Russia was developed after the outbreak of a full-scale war. Sales were conducted through "shell companies" in several countries in Europe and Asia.

These allegedly foreign companies purchased Ukrainian pumps ostensibly for themselves, but later supplied them to Russia. "In addition, the officials supplied Ukrainian pumping equipment to two Asian countries for the construction of nuclear power plants under the leadership of Rosatom," the report says.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the issue of taking the participants in the scheme into custody is being decided. The suspects face a sentence of 10 years in prison.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, it has also recently become known that two Finnish companies, Luminor and Siberica, supplied electronics to Russia despite the sanctions. A case has been opened against the executive director of these companies, Gabriel Temin. He is suspected of committing serious economic crimes.

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