Ukrainian footballer who attacked a female referee in a match caught up with karma

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The player received a well-deserved punishment

A footballer from Zhytomyr's Polissya Vadim Chervak, who pushed a female referee, Sofia Prychyna, was expelled from the team. The incident occurred in a First League match between Polissya and Metalurh (1-2).

"The official position of the Polissia football club is that the club considers such behaviour unacceptable, the club does not tolerate or accept any manifestations of physical influence on all participants in the match, the staff of the opposing clubs or the refereeing teams," the press service said in a statement.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on April 9, in the last seconds of regular time, the 24-year-old referee did not see a violation in the penalty area by Metalurh midfielder Oleksandr Snizhko on Polissya player Artem Kozak. This caused a storm of indignation among the other players of the Zhytomyr club, who demanded a penalty.


Chervak ran into Prychyna and pushed her hard in the back, for which he was immediately removed.


It should be noted that a few years ago, Prychyna became a real star on the network after she judged the European University Games held in Madrid. Internet users were amazed by the beauty's appearance.


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