Ukraine's traitor and son of former Crimean sports minister killed in Donbas: father-collaborator tells how he died

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Denis Shestak fought against Ukraine

Denis Shestak, a Greco-Roman wrestling coach who is also the son of the first Minister of Sports of the occupied Crimea, Georgy Shestak, was killed in the fighting with Ukrainian defenders. The traitor to Ukraine was killed in the war zone on April 7, 2023.

Shestak's death was reported by the so-called Wrestling Federation of the Republic of Crimea. On March 18, he turned 39 years old. A native of Bakhchisaray district, he was a master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling, and was a silver medallist at the Ukrainian championship.


However, after the occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, following his father, Shestak chose the side of the aggressor and received a Russian passport. But he did not achieve any special heights in sports.

Before the full-scale war in Ukraine, Shestak worked as a Greco-Roman wrestling coach at the sports school No. 7 in Bakhchisarai. In October 2022, he took up arms and went to kill his former compatriots as part of the Russian army.


On April 7, the traitor wrestler was successfully "demobilised", as reported in the Russian media, "during the Donbas defence operation". The body was transported to Crimea from Rostov.

"He went on a mission as a group leader and blew himself up on a mine. They wanted to mine the exit, they were working on it, but a tragedy happened. He died for Russia on a combat mission. I feel very bad now," former Minister of Sports of the occupied Crimea, collaborator Georgy Shestak commented to REGNUM on the death of his son.

Occupants mine critical infrastructure in Ukraine

It should be noted that Shestak Sr. was an honoured coach of Ukraine and is now the first vice-president of the Wrestling Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a freelance adviser to the head of the occupied Crimea.


It is reported that the deceased athlete is survived by his wife and two children - a daughter and a son, who is also involved in wrestling.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that the Olympic champion from Crimea, who betrayed Ukraine, helps Russia's propaganda, but at the same time, the shooter lives and works in Thailand.

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