Two plants will save your house from spiders: how to get rid of "residents"

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Lavender and peppermint smell good to people, but not to spiders

At the end of August, many spiders begin their mating season. This means that their numbers in our homes can increase significantly. But to get such neighbors, and in large numbers - an idea that few people are enthusiastic about.

Therefore, OBOZREVATEL has collected some tips on how to fight with uninvited guests. In particular, what plants to plant at home to scare away spiders in a natural and environmentally friendly way.


The odoriferous flower is ill-tolerated by most insects and almost all spiders. While to humans, its fragrance is pleasant. Therefore, it is a good choice to have a pot of lavender at home. If you don't feel like caring for the plant, you can simply purchase an aromadifuser or aroma lamp and fill them with the plant's natural essential oil. This too will have the desired effect.


Another plant odor that spiders cannot tolerate is the fresh scent of peppermint. But unlike lavender, this plant itself does not smell too strong. It is best used as an ingredient for dishes and drinks (then the mint will release its odor during preparation), or in scented candles or in the form of essential oil.

Other ways to keep away from spiders

Here are a few more lifehacks that will help you get rid of the eight-legged weasels. Not only will they kick them out of your home, but they won't let them inside.

White vinegar

A mixture of white vinegar and water is designed not only to clean the house, but also to repel spiders. They hate this odor, so mix the two liquids in equal proportions and treat the places where these creatures appear most often with the solution.

Close all cracks and install window screens

Spiders often get inside the house through various narrow openings from the street. Therefore, you should check your home for holes and cracks that may be in your baseboards or floor and close them. And window nets will prevent not only spiders but also other insects from entering your home.

Citrus oils

Another odor that eight-legged men strongly dislike is the scent of citrus fruits. So apply some essential oil of orange, grapefruit or other fruit on a cotton pad and wipe the entry points with it. The strong odor will deter spiders from getting inside, which means windows can be opened without fear of intrusion.

Keep your home clean

To prevent spiders from entering your home, keep the premises clean. Pay special attention to dusting, because these creatures like dusty corners.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told what room flowers will help to fight heat in the house.

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