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Bella Hadid has long noticed caps from the 90s and oversized jackets

It's no secret that it's the stars who set fashion trends. Emily Ratajkowski is very fond of "dirty" jeans, so she often walks around America in them, and Bella Hadid likes caps that were worn 30 years ago.

Ukrainian stylist Oleksandra Kramska made a selection of must-have items for this year on her Instagram. Many of them are back from the past, but will conquer the catwalks again (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Denim with yellow distressing

Denim vests, jackets and skirts have long been on the fashion list, but in 2023, these products with yellow distressing will be trendy. If you like this style of denim, don't hesitate to buy it.


2. Vintage fur coats

According to the stylist, such outerwear is not only very stylish but also environmentally friendly. "I advise all my clients to buy vintage ones, because the recycle era is only gaining momentum," Oleksandra writes.


3. Leather jacket and aviators

A leather jacket is a must-have for all years, but many ladies have hidden sheepskin coats called aviators on the top shelf of their wardrobes. It's time to take out your favourite pieces and get compliments from others. White outerwear will be at the top of the fashion Olympus.


4. Boots

Every girl feels very feminine in a short skirt and boots. This combination drives all male representatives crazy. The main rule of this year is that the longer the boots, the more fashionable they are. But don't forget to keep a balance of length and volume.


5. 90s caps and leather scarves

These hats will be the highlight of your look. You can buy a cap not only from wool, but also from linen or denim, which will make it a versatile all-season accessory. Leather scarves were already popular a few seasons ago and are gaining momentum again in 2023.


6. Jackets

A wardrobe is not a wardrobe without a jacket. At least one high-quality jacket should be in the arsenal of a fashionista. Over the next 10 months, both fitted and oversized products will be in demand. The expert suggested how to check the quality of this item: take it by the collar with one hand, and if the shoulders remain in a stance, it is a properly sewn product. It will make the outfit harmonious and stylish.


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