Try to solve in 5 seconds: a puzzle for the smartest

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Puzzles help keep your brain sharp. Neurologists say that daily concentration training helps to create new neural connections. Quick and interesting tests improve thinking speed and are useful to take your mind off the daily grind.

A summer puzzle with airplanes is gaining popularity online. You need to find an airplane that is different from the others as quickly as possible.

Try to solve in 5 seconds: a puzzle for the smartest

Experts recommend that you train your brain more often with such puzzles. Just a few minutes a day spent solving various logic problems or visual tests will have long-term benefits.

Puzzles are useful for:

  • practicing concentration;
  • improve short-term memory;
  • reduce the risk of neurological diseases and Alzheimer's disease;
  • improve problem-solving ability.

Puzzles can help distract you from problems and reduce stress levels. They can even be used as a kind of meditation.

Did you manage to find the airplane in 5 seconds? Maybe it took you even less time? Here is the correct answer: the airplane is hidden in the second line from the bottom.

Try to solve in 5 seconds: a puzzle for the smartest

By the way, on the basis of surrealistic paintings of the famous Ukrainian artist, psychologists have developed a test that can reveal the secret weaknesses of the personality.

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