Toyota is preparing an affordable electric SUV. Photo

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Toyota Hilux
The Hilux pickup has been seen on the street. Source: AEVA on Twitter

The Toyota Hilux SUV is the cheapest pickup truck of the Japanese company on the global market. An electric modification, which should also be affordable by the standards of the segment, is being prepared. The car was shown in the photo.

Images were published on the page of the AEVA Australian Association of electric vehicles on Twitter. They showed a pickup truck with a compact single-row cabin and an extended cargo compartment. However, that's not the most interesting thing.

Apart from the headlights, the design at the front is all new. There is a different bumper and the shape of air intakes. There is a decorative panel in body color and decorative chrome elements in place of a large false radiator grille.

Toyota Hilux

Drive speculates that the new model with the working name Toyota IMV BEV will premiere within a few months. Production could start before the end of 2023.

A large charging hatch is also seen in the photo. It is mounted in front of the door on the left side. At the moment, there is no information about the performance and range.

The price is also unknown. However, the electric pickup will not be an expensive fancy car, as there are more and more such vehicles in the segment.

OBOZREVATEL has already reported on a cheap but large General motors electric car.

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