Top 7 most beautiful beaches in the U.S. that all Americans love

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Best Beaches in the United States

The beach season has already started in many countries, so it's time to choose a swimsuit, pack your bags and plan your perfect summer vacation. Fortunately, there are a lot of tourist destinations now and getting to them is not such a difficult task. So, we offer to evaluate the beaches of the United States that you might not have known about. Spoiler: they are better than you can imagine.

Hannington Beach (California)

If you like outdoor activities, this beach will quickly become your favorite. Its good location and high waves make it very popular with surfers. There is even an annual U.S. Open tournament for the sport. By the way, especially for beginners, there are several schools where you will learn everything in just one or two sessions.

In addition, Hannington Beach is also very convenient for families. There are children's areas, places to run with your pets, restaurants, fast food, comfortable hotels and inexpensive hostels. And most importantly - here the beach season lasts almost half a year, because the heat starts to warm up in late April and the cold comes in late fall.


Hanauma Cove (Hawaii)

If you are looking for a paradise, where it is always warm, no wind, no waves, very beautiful and peaceful - you should visit this Hawaiian resort. Hanauma Cove is a nature preserve surrounded by mountains on three sides. This location protects this small-sized beach from inclement weather and makes it the perfect place for a relaxing vacation.

Visitors also come here for diving and snorkeling. Good weather conditions have led to many species of fish settling in the waters near the shore. And what a good vegetation here, just look at it for hours.

If you get bored, book a tour of the island of Oagu, where the bay is located. It will amaze you not only with its views, but also with the largest U.S. Pacific Fleet base, which is located in the infamous Pearl Harbor.


Ogunquit Beach (Maine)

Another striking beach, which is adored by Americans. And Europeans quite often choose this tourist destination for their vacations. What makes it special? First of all, the beach is located in a beautiful area between the Ogunquit River and the Atlantic Ocean. Secondly, it is ideal for surfing and other water sports. And lastly, it is set up so that it is comfortable for everyone.

With the beginning of the beach season restaurants and hotels open here, lifeguards come to Ogunquit Beach, working around the clock all summer, nearby equip rides and recreation areas.

And if you don't want to spend your entire vacation lying on the ocean, you can take the long cliff-top walkway from Perkins Cove to Shore Road.


Hilton Head Island (South Carolina)

Not even all Americans know that off the coast of South Carolina are incredibly beautiful islands, most of which are still not fully explored. However, this is definitely not about Hilton Head, which is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

This resort is rightfully considered one of the best in the United States. Just imagine: more than 250 restaurants, hundreds of hotels, incredible beaches. And there are 24 world-class golf courses. If you have long wanted to master this game - you should choose to vacation at Hilton Head.


Rehoboth Beach (Delaware)

If you like shopping tours, then this resort is made for you. The fact is that there is no sales tax here, so everything costs almost half as much as elsewhere.

But this is not the only advantage of Rehoboth Beach. Here you can have a very comfortable and relaxing vacation. There are not many nightclubs and rarely there are parties. However, there are many restaurants, cozy cafes and park areas. By the way, the local beaches often host family nights, open-air film screenings, workshops and bonfires on the beach.


Coronado Beach (California)

This beach is known all over the world because it has many times been the setting for the filming of various movies and TV series. It is located in sunny San Diego.

Coronado Beach is a place for a quiet family vacation. It has a well equipped beach area, there are playgrounds, amusement rides, hiking trails and many interesting attractions. For example, you can get to Coronado Island from here just by walking across the bridge with great views.


South Beach (Florida)

We finally made it to the beach that American youth adore. If you've seen in the movies how local teenagers and students rock out at parties by the ocean, you can imagine what happens at South Beach all summer long.

It's a place where musicians play every day, there are different festivals, themed events... It's also a pretty low cost of living and there are great dining rooms where for just a few dollars you can have a full meal.


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