To preserve soil fertility: what to sow after potatoes

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It is not worth leaving the bed after potatoes without care

In the run-up to the harvest season, it's time to think about how to plan the plot for next year. Experienced gardeners are convinced that proper crop rotation will increase soil fertility. Especially when it comes to potatoes, which is quite exhausting for the land culture.

OBOZREVATEL tells about the basic rules of care for the plot where potatoes grew. And advises what to plant on the same bed.

Typical mistakes

Gardeners who do not yet have enough experience often believe that a successful plot layout can be repeated year after year. But this is not the case. The same plant will absorb the same nutrients from the soil, which can lead to a strong imbalance in it. This is why alternation is necessary.

Moreover, the soil in which the potatoes were located, you need to prepare from autumn for the next season - to treat against typical pests for the vegetable and enrich it with fertilizers. The plot should be dug up and, if it was inhabited by bears, the appropriate insecticides should be put there to destroy the clutches of the pest.

How to treat the plot on which potatoes grew

Both mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers can be used to enrich the soil in autumn. And also sow crops in the fall, which will return to the soil the substances taken away by the potato. For example, after harvesting, it is worth immediately sowing siderates. You can choose a single culture, and even better to pick up a certain mixture. When the plants will grow, but will not yet have time to bloom, they will need to be mowed and left on the plot. Over the winter, they will rot and improve the condition of the soil.

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