Time to throw away: four models of women's shorts that have long since become outdated and anti-trend. Photo.

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Models of women's shorts that have become an anti-trend

With the onset of warm weather, we want to take off layers of warm clothes as soon as possible and enjoy direct contact with the sun. Fashionistas are already looking at stylish bows for the end of spring and hot summer. Shorts remain an indispensable element of the wardrobe for this period.

When choosing trendy items, we are often guided by the images of world celebrities, who are considered style icons. But even they sometimes make mistakes. Unsuccessful models of shorts worn by stars are shown in the OBOZREVATEL material (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The world-famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has been setting trends since the days of the cult film Friends. But you shouldn't imitate all the star's looks. For example, short shorts in the style of the noughties with a low fit are not suitable for all girls. They should be worn very carefully, and it is better to replace them with high-waisted shorts - they will not let you down.


George Clooney's wife, lawyer Amal, boasts exquisite taste, although you can find things in her closet that should have been discarded long ago. Like, for example, these anti-trend polka dot shorts. This print and style will ruin even the slimmest figure, so if you have similar ones, it's best to throw them away.


The famous model Kendall Jenner has repeatedly demonstrated her love for very short and tight shorts with a thin belt. This combination has long since sunk into oblivion and in 2023 will look a little vulgar.


Actress and model Lily-Rose Depp can be called a style icon for the younger generation. But in this case, she chose shorts that are too loose and risk falling off her hips lower than necessary. Models that seem to be "oversized" are better not to wear. And protruding pockets do not add sophistication and style to the look.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, poorly chosen tights can completely ruin the look and cause ridicule from others. It may seem like such a small detail, but it is an indicator of your fine taste and ability to create fashionable outfits. Read about five models of tights that look cheap and vulgar in our article.

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