Three developers of hypersonic rockets "Kinzhal" have been arrested in Russia in the case of treason

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Three developers of hypersonic rockets "Kinzhal" have already been arrested in Russia

Valery Zvegintsev, doctor of technical sciences and developer of hypersonic rockets "Kinzhal" was included in the case of high treason. Earlier, two other scientists from the same Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences had already been arrested on charges of treason.

This was reported by the Russian mass media. It should be noted that the main purpose of the work of these engineers was to create advanced hypersonic missile systems for the Russian army.


"Over the last year, three outstanding aerodynamic scientists of our institute - Anatoly Aleksandrovich Maslov, Alexander Nikolayevich Shiplyuk, and Valery Ivanovich Zvegintsev - were arrested on suspicion of committing a crime under the most severe article of the Criminal Code - "High Treason". All of them are known for their brilliant scientific results," reads an open letter from the staff of the institution.

As the source says, last summer it became known about the initiation of criminal cases against the director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ITPM) named Alexander Shiplyuk and the chief researcher of the institute named Anatoly Maslov. Both scientists are currently in custody at the Lefortovo detention center.

Zvegintsev, who is the third member of IMPM to be arrested on charges of treason, was detained about three weeks ago and is under house arrest.

It is not officially reported what the arrested scientists are charged with, since the criminal case files for treason are always closed.

According to Russian mass media, Zvegintsev was detained for his publication on the topic of gas dynamics in a foreign scientific journal.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Russia arrested the director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Alexander Shiplyuk on charges of high treason. Security forces conducted searches in the institution, and the suspect was sent to the detention center. It is worth noting that the main purpose of Shiplyuk's work was to create promising hypersonic missile systems.

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