This popular optical illusion will show what you look like when in love

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Write down what caught your eye first

Optical illusions as a form of quick psychological tests are gaining popularity on the Internet. They help to reveal perceptual peculiarities that may indicate certain personality traits.

One such test is published on TikTok by Mia Yilin. She recently shared a picture that can help determine your strategy in romantic relationships. It will indicate your level of confidence or shyness when it comes to your love life.

All you have to do is look at the picture below. Which object did you notice first: the eye or the lips? This will show how you react to conflict and difficult situations in relationships.

This popular optical illusion will show what you look like when in love

If you first pay attention to lips, you can most likely be called a loner. Your approach to relationships is rather practical. You're also good at recognizing when someone is insincere with you.

You like to be in control of your choices and decide things on your own. You always know what you want and you can't be bribed with a trivial compliment. Nevertheless, you care about what people close to you think about you and you try to give as much as possible in both professional and personal lives. You take criticism well, although you appreciate a softer approach. What you are really afraid of is being thought of as not being a very intelligent person.


If you notice the eye first, this means you need to have more faith in yourself. You often feel insecure in relationships. You give the impression of a happy person, but there is a lot of confusion inside you. When it comes to relationships, you pay a lot of attention to your partner's desires and hobbies and appreciate them.

However, you are good at knowing what you want out of a relationship. You also know how to walk away from a partner who doesn't suit you or is a danger to you when cheating or violating your boundaries, for example. You hate such an attitude and it can hurt you deeply. Therefore, you are not inclined to tolerate it for long,

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published a test with an optical illusion, which will indicate the level of self-confidence and tendency to follow the rules.

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