They will ruin any look: 7 models of shoes that are out of fashion and considered to be completely tasteless. Photo.

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Some shoe models are out of fashion

Out-of-fashion shoes can ruin even stylish clothes. When choosing a complete fashion look, you should carefully analyse it for anti-trends so that a pair of shoes does not give off bad taste.

Models that were at the peak of their popularity not long ago quickly became outdated and boring to beauties, so it's better to choose more up-to-date options. The editors of the Incrivel website have named pairs that are best forgotten for a few seasons (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).


Since the fashion trends of the last few years have been set by comfort and simplicity, it is better to get rid of exquisite high stilettos. They have been replaced by more stable heels of various geometric shapes.


Flat sandals

Nothing gives off a bad taste like open flat sandals that let you feel every pebble on the road. A small sole will save the day.


Wide straps

Shoes with straps that used to save you from the hot weather have gone out of fashion, but there is a stylish alternative - a model with thin ties.


Velvet shoes

Velvet shoes have looked elegant for several years, but in 2023, it's better to choose a pair of leather.


Transparent shoes

Not so long ago, beauties all over the world went crazy for shoes and boots made of transparent plastic. Almost every celebrity had them in their wardrobe. But the trend for a transparent model quickly came to naught and is now being called outdated.


Boring boots

For a few months, boots will remain relevant, because spring is coming. However, black, grey, white and beige options will look boring. In the new season, global brands are promoting bright animal prints, so it's worth taking a closer look at rich colours.


Round toe

In 2023, the round toe went out of fashion, visually making the leg look massive. It was replaced by models with a square toe.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about sneakers that have long gone out of fashion and what is the best way to replace them. Since global designers started the trend for comfort and simplicity, fashionistas around the world have been styling sneakers in casual and even formal looks.

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