"They were drunk, behaved indecently": hotel in Turkey fined Russian tourists 200 euros

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Russians were fined for ''indecent'' behavior in a Turkish hotel

Russian tourists have thrown a tantrum over being fined 200 euros (8,000 hryvnias) at a Turkish hotel. The owner claimed that the guests damaged the property, while the Russians claim they were allegedly victimized.

The fact that they behaved "indecently", the couple from the Russian Federation does not recognize. The Russians wrote about the "injustice" on one of the Russian sites for reviews (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

In the hotel Meril Club 4 * in Marmaris, Turkey, Russians broke the glass door of the shower cabin. Guests said the door slipped off its roller mounts and the glass shattered, injuring them.

"We spent the rest of the night pulling glass out of each other and sweeping the room," the citizens of the terrorist country complained.

''They were drunk, behaved indecently'': hotel in Turkey fined Russian tourists 200 euros

The next day they decided to seek compensation for the scratches they had received because of their own negligence, but the hotel had other plans. The guide relayed to the Russians the words of the hotel owner.

"He said that we were drunk yesterday, behaved indecently, he personally kicked us out to the room where we broke the glass. And the hotel is charging us a fine," recalled the author of the angry response.

''They were drunk, behaved indecently'': hotel in Turkey fined Russian tourists 200 euros

The travel agency did not help the upset guests either. They advised the travelers to pay the fine to avoid more problems and return home. The same was repeated by the gendarmerie.

In the end, the couple paid 200 euros for the glass and stayed at the hotel for another week. The guests were not given a receipt for the funds, so when they returned home they would not be able to prove that they had paid someone for the damaged property.

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