"They just didn't open the shelter": the man of the woman who died as a result of falling debris in Kyiv revealed the details of the tragedy

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The husband of the woman who died because of falling rocket debris in Kyiv, revealed the details of the tragedy

Yaroslav, a resident of the Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, lost his wife during a Russian missile attack on the night of June 1. He claims that he and his family and other residents of the house fled to a shelter and it was simply not opened.

The falling rocket debris also injured his child. A video of the man's story was published by the publication "Suspilne" in Telegram, and the mayor of the city has already instructed to look into the situation.

According to Yaroslav, his wife was killed on the street in Desniansky district of the capital when she was running to a shelter with her child. It, the man stressed, was closed.

"There was an alarm, people ran to the shelter. The shelter just didn't open and that's it. People were knocking, and at that moment it flew in... The baby is fine," he said in tears.


Locals added in comments to reporters that the missile debris fell just 10 minutes after the air alert was declared.


It is officially known that as a result of this enemy missile attack three people died in this very area: a 33-year-old woman (apparently Yaroslav's wife) and a 34-year-old mother with a 9-year-old child. It is noted that all of them were on their way to the shelter in the polyclinic at that time.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said that specialists from the Department of Municipal Security went to the polyclinic in Desnianskyy district and on the spot find out why there was no access to the shelter.


"Responsibility for the work of the shelter is the head of the medical institution and the head of the district, which should monitor the work of the shelters, which are on the map of the city and must work. All decisions on the actions of those responsible will be taken today and immediately", - added the mayor.

According to the police in Kyiv, 11 more people were injured with varying degrees of severity. Of these, one child, nine injured were hospitalized.



Recall: On the night of Thursday, June 1, Russian occupation troops attacked Kyiv with ballistic missiles, many loud explosions were heard in the capital - more than ten in just a few minutes.

Air defense forces shot down all enemy targets - 10 out of 10 Iskander missiles, but their falling remains caused destruction: debris damaged houses, a children's clinic, an administrative building, a pipeline, and cars. Also, unfortunately, there were fatalities and injuries, including children.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Russia also attacked Kyiv with ballistic missiles on May 29. A video was published online showing children screaming in fear as they ran for cover during the explosions in the sky over the capital.

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