They are chosen by the stars: the best haircuts for a round face that hide all imperfections

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Selena Gomez, Emma Stone

Not everyone has an oval face of the correct shape. Some girls have wide cheekbones and soft angles. But this is not a reason to be uncomfortable, because the right hairstyle will help make your face look smaller. You probably know such celebrities as Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone. All these actresses have different hair textures and colours, but their haircuts complement their round faces.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about five hairstyles that suit a round face, which, according to experts, should be considered before your next trip to the beauty salon. These haircuts are demonstrated by the stars on themselves (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Round cascade

The round cascade can be either very long or short. A cascade on long hair will lengthen the face and cover the sides, making it appear smaller;


2. Pixie

The elongated pixie cut implies jagged lines and oblique bangs that slightly cover the eyes. They are ideal for round-faced women with Slavic features. This haircut will refresh your look. It can turn a girl into both an elegant lady and a daring beauty;


3. Shaggy

A medium-length disheveled hairstyle with an emphasis on bangs that reach the cheekbones is a great option for a round face. Layers will add volume to the crown of the head and balance the features, making it look more elongated;


4. Asymmetrical bob

Every asymmetrical haircut for round-faced girls is beautiful, and the classic bob with a high nape and oblique parting is especially so. Identify your "working" side of the face and open it up;


5. Bangs

Unfortunately, not all bangs will look good on a round face. It is better to choose an asymmetrical parting, which will help to correct the face due to the unequal length on both sides of it. Curtain bangs can visually narrow your face.


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