These ideas for using buttons will surprise you

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There is at least one item with buttons in the closet of every person. If you no longer wear it, do not hurry to throw it away.

Buttons can be used to decorate other items. OBOZREVATEL found interesting ideas that will surprise fans of needlework.


Take a glass or a small jar and cover it with buttons. You can also use pieces of fabric, sequins or other beautiful things. Then put a candle inside and light it.

Such an original candle holder will be a great decoration for your home. It can also make a wonderful gift.


If you like to wear different jewelry, then beads or earrings with buttons should be in your collection. Match the buttons by color and place them on the thread. You can also add beads or a pendant.


You can even make a painting. To do this, you will need a frame and a piece of fabric for the background. Select all the items so that they fit the interior of the room. Draw the pattern you want to reproduce on the fabric and sew the buttons. Glue the fabric on dense cardboard and put it in a frame.

Cushion decor

You can also sew buttons on decorative pillows that you don't use. This will attract the attention of guests and make your interior unique.

Cup holder

In order not to buy special coasters for hot drinks, you can do them yourself. You will need dense cardboard. Glue the buttons as you like and leave it to dry well. Then you can use the coaster during a tea party.

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