These hairstyles can add 20 years: how not to cut your hair so as not to look older. Photo.

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Hairstyles that visually age you are named

A hairstyle can easily become an assistant in a successful look or ruin it and add extra years. Mature beauties should choose their haircut responsibly to avoid looking older than they are.

The English edition of Best Life has named the most common hairstyles that are best avoided by beauties whose hair is already touched with grey and whose face is covered with wrinkles. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you more about them (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Long, straight hair

Despite the belief that long, healthy and straight hair looks best, this rule ceases to apply with age. Too simple a hairstyle will only emphasise skin imperfections, and grey hair will look especially pronounced on straight strands.


Short, spiky layers

The main assistant in the visual fight against age is volume. A haircut that is too short and has spiky layers will not help you get rid of years.



Since high combing has been out of fashion for many years, it is associated with something outdated and irrelevant, which does not contribute to the visual effect of rejuvenation.


Sparse bangs

To create additional volume, beauties often cut their bangs, which, due to age-related hair loss, turn out to be sparse and add years.


Pin-up curls

Short curls on older women look appropriate when you no longer want to hide your years. For those who want to keep their youth longer, longer hairstyles with careless, voluminous curls are suitable.


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