These films have been dubbed "cursed": five movies, the shooting of which is shrouded in mysticism and associated with tragedies

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Some movies have been called ''cursed'' because of deaths and accidents

It's no secret that on movie sets can often be unfortunate because of complicated stunts and large-scale sets, but sometimes there are so many incomprehensible failures, problems and even deaths that the tape is called "cursed". Often in the plot of the picture is a paranormal story.

Tragic incidents that happen on the set of such films are shrouded in mysticism. OBOZREVATEL collected a selection of 5 films, the creation of which was accompanied by tragedies (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).


Soviet theater and film director Andrei Tarkovsky is believed to have died because of the "curse" of his film. In 1979, it was already clear that something was wrong with the tape, because the shooting was accompanied by scandals and reshoots. However, the greatest grief caught up with the movie team after the premiere.

Andrei Tarkovsky died of lung cancer, and soon from the same type of oncology died of the performer of the main role Anatoly Solonitsyn. The director's assistant and second legal wife Larisa Tarkovskaya also died of cancer. Screenwriters Arkady and Boris Strugatsky died at different times, but both from oncology. There were so many deaths from cancer that many viewers suspected the paranormal.

"The Raven"

The son of the famous actor Bruce Lee died during the staging of the shooting in the movie "The Crow". According to the plot, 28-year-old Brandon Lee was saving his beloved from rapists who were supposed to launch a bullet into his stomach with a firearm. Of course, the bullets were supposed to be fake, but for unknown reasons turned out to be live bullets. One hit the actor's intestines and grazed his spine. Brandon died of blood loss at the hospital.

Many fans of the famous family were surprised not by the recklessness on the set, but by the fact that the actor's father tojn died during the filming of the movie.

"The Master and Margarita"

On December 19, 2005, the official premiere of the mini-series "The Master and Margarita" directed by Vladimir Bortko took place, which is believed to have claimed the lives of at least 18 people involved in the project. The screen adaptation of the mystical work attracted a lot of attention not only from ordinary movie fans, but also from people interested in the supernatural.

It is known that after the premiere, actors who played the main and secondary characters began to die en masse. Some died even on the same day. In just a few years, the film industry lost a lot of people in whose filmography appeared "The Master and Margarita".


Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated film "Poltergeist" became infamous even at the production stage. First, a 12-year-old actress died of the common flu, then the main character was killed, and later death befell at least 3 more actors who dared to play in Spielberg's movie.


The 1967 Soviet feature film directed by Konstantin Ershov and Georgy Kropachev, based on Nikolai Gogol's novel of the same name, is still highly controversial among viewers. The screen version caused the death of more than one actor, and both directors died shortly after the premiere.

On the set maimed, fainted and fell, and ambulances constantly took the actors from there to the hospital. It is said that the reason is the author of "Viy", because he was associated with the Devil.

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