There will be many problems with a car if you never wash it

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How to wash a car

Drivers try to keep their car clean and wash it thoroughly. There are situations when you can't clean your car on time or rainy weather prevents you from doing so.

If you don't wash your car at all, it can lead to negative consequences. PAhomepage found out how dirt can affect a vehicle.

Any dirt left on an auto is abrasive (that's a fine or powdery hard substance used to cut, polish, grind and other). It can ruin a car's clear coat over time, leading to the appearance of rust, discoloration and stains.

Improperly cleaned windshields, especially in winter, can impair driver visibility and cause a traffic accident.

A car wash can give your car a quality wash. You will get rid of dirt and dust, while wax and sealants will help protect the clear coat of the car.

If you wash the car yourself, you need to do it properly so that you don't damage the vehicle.

Use a hose to wash the car to get rid of dust and large dirt particles. Keep the hose at a distance of 30-40 cm from the surface, so as not to damage it.

Then apply special chemicals and wait for 2-5 minutes. The active components of the foam will dissolve the dirt. If stains remain, you can additionally use a soft sponge. Next, rinse off the detergent with water.

The car can be wiped with a rag to remove excess moisture and give the car a shine.

To clean the interior, you need to remove the mats. Rubber mats can be cleaned with a hose and pressurized water. Vacuum the inside to get rid of debris and dust.

Washing the vehicle should be done every two weeks. However, those who apply a coat of wax after washing can do it less frequently. This is because the wax protects the surface from penetration of dirt and scratches.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published effective ways that will help clean off the stains in the car after children quickly.

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