There will be a lot of potatoes: what to do in June to get a record harvest

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The potato harvest

June is a hot time for gardeners. A variety of crops begin to descend, weeds appear, and pest control becomes more active.

In early summer, the main task - to provide potatoes with everything necessary for normal formation and development of tubers. OBOZREVATEL gathered basic tips for gardeners for a bountiful harvest.

Hilling potatoes

There is still a debate among gardeners about the need for June hilling. However, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of the procedure. Mowing will help to build up additional roots, on which root crops are then formed.

In addition, the risk of the sun falling directly on the tubers should be eliminated. The fact is that under direct sunlight the potato acquires a characteristic green color. It increases the production of glycoalkaloids, including poisonous solanine.

In general, the procedure is recommended three times:

  • the first mowing should be done after the emergence of sprouts, when the greens extend above the ground by 7-10 cm.
  • the second start about two weeks after the first one (height 15-17 cm);
  • the third time the potatoes should be dug when the bush grows to 25 cm. It is not necessary to completely cover the bush with earth, it is enough to put a little soil between the shoots.

If you start hilling too late, there is a risk of damage to the bushes, resulting in a partial loss of the crop.

What is mulching

Mulching is good for preventing weeds and retaining moisture. Experienced gardeners say that the fewer weeds on a bed, the less chance the potatoes have of catching fungal diseases. Straw has long been used as mulch.

Protective measures

To protect potatoes from pests, phytophthora and bacterial diseases, you can prepare a special mixture.

Take 40 g of Bitoxybacillin and 30 g of Phytosporin per 10 liters of water. It is recommended to spray the plant in this way in the morning in windless weather. If necessary, you can make a second treatment after two weeks.

Previously OBOZREVATEL published a recipe for a rescue mixture from Colorado potato beetles.

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