"There is one tank in the tank battalion": the occupant complained about the lack of equipment and shells. Audio

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The Russian Armed Forces do not have the most necessary things

The "second army of the world" - the Russian Armed Forces turned out to be far from what they had imagined. The occupiers do not have the most basic things, let alone equipment or ammunition.

This is evidenced by a conversation between a Russian military officer and a friend, which was intercepted by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The occupant spoke frankly about the lack of ammunition and equipment and mocked the TV picture in Russia (to listen to the audio, scroll to the end of the page).

"There are no tanks, no f*ck... Everything is so beautiful with them (on TV - Ed.). We have a tank battalion at Andriukha's place, I f*cked up, when I went to see him, he had one tank riding around, a 64-car tank. What the f*ck year is that? 70-something year?! One shoots," said the occupant.

In response he heard some surprising things for himself.

"That's how we fight, motherf*cker. But that f*cking smart Shoigu, the whole 'shushara' is this fucking b*tch," his interlocutor replied.

Next, the occupant made an even more frank confession.

"That's why Wagner is stonewalling. They closed all our vacations now... We're living in sh*t, in a dump... But I'm telling you, it's on, motherf*cker. I wish they'd show it! They don't f*cking give us any gas. There's nothing. I'm telling you the truth. There's gas if you buy it. When I drove an evacuation truck, I used to take the guys out in 300s, they bought gasoline with their own money. 100 rubles a liter," the occupant replied.

He also admitted that even the Russian military repairs equipment with their own money.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Russian occupiers under the pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating and suffer significant losses. Of some companies of the invaders only a few dozen personnel remain.

Only verified information we have in the Telegram channel Obozrevatel, Threads and Viber. Do not be fooled by fakes!

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