There is an opposite of déjà vu: this phenomenon will amaze you even more

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What is ''jamevue''?

Deja vu is a state of mind where a person mistakenly believes that he or she has experienced a certain event or situation in the past. This phenomenon occurs when a part of the brain recognizes something familiar, but it does not coincide with reality, i.e. deja vu is a signal that something is wrong.

Scientists have found the opposite of this phenomenon, and it is called "jameview." Science Alert has published the results of the research.

Jameview is the opposite of déjà vu, when something that you know well seems unreal or new. That is, a person can look at a familiar face or object and suddenly feel that it is something unusual and unknown.

For example, musicians often feel this way for a few seconds when they get lost in their own song. You can also experience this feeling when you enter a familiar place and don't know where to go, losing your bearings. Or a common word that you use and write often may seem wrong to you at some point.

Scientists decided to achieve this effect in the laboratory and conducted two experiments. The first involved 94 students, who wrote the same word and repeated it with 12 more different words.

The researchers asked the participants to write as fast as they could, but allowed them to stop if they felt strange, bored, or had a sore hand.

Most of the students stopped because the words were becoming strange to them. About 70% stopped at least once to experience something that the researchers identified as jameview. This usually happened after about one minute (33 repetitions) - and usually for familiar words.

In the second experiment, the researchers asked people to write only one word, "the," because it is the most commonly used word in writing and speech. This time, 55% of people stopped writing for what scientists call "jamming" reasons, but after 27 repetitions.

People described their experience as not understanding the meaning of the word when they were constantly writing it. They felt like they were losing control of their hand.

The researchers noted that jamming is a signal to people that something has become automatic and repetitive, and this understanding gives you the opportunity to break out of the loop.

From a scientific point of view, jamming is overloading a concept until it becomes meaningless.

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