The worst things guests do that deprive them of another invitation

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Rules of etiquette when visiting. Source: Pexels

You should always follow the rules of etiquette, even if you are visiting family or close friends. However, most people think that warm relationships can't be ruined by inappropriate behavior.

If you want to be invited again, you need to follow the rules of etiquette. OBOZREVATEL will help you with this.

Damaging things and objects in the house

Hosts often face a problem when they find broken things or broken dishes while cleaning. Of course, this can happen to anyone and no one will do it on purpose, but you shouldn't hide it, it's better to tell everything right away and apologize.

Offer to buy the item back or give something in return to make amends. If the item is expensive and valuable, you should discuss it with the owners and determine how you can pay for it or help fix it.


Avoid excessive alcohol consumption while visiting, because a drunk person is a mess, so he or she creates many awkward situations. You may do or say something that you will regret later.

Uninvited guests

Friends often drop by to say hello if they are somewhere nearby. Of course, this is not a bad thing, it's even a sign of politeness and care. But there are situations when the hosts are not in a good mood or have some problems. It is better to call in advance and warn them about your arrival.

Overnight stay

If you stay overnight with friends, you should be quiet in the morning so as not to disturb the hosts. When you hear that others have already woken up, then you can conduct your morning rituals.

Also, do not keep your hosts up late if you are not yet sleepy. Go to bed when the others are also going to sleep, and don't bother them with questions or anything else.

Keep your place clean

Try to keep the house where you are invited clean and tidy. Don't throw your things around, but rather help the hosts if they need it.

Taking food from the refrigerator

When you are visiting, you do not need to take food from the refrigerator yourself. Take only what is on the table and what is offered to you.

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