"The world must have a serious plan": Gudkov predicted how Putin might act after losing the war with Ukraine

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Moscow may go to war against Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, thinks Gudkov

The West must have a ready-made plan of action after Russia's defeat in the war. If Russian President Vladimir Putin manages to turn his country into a "massive North Korea" with nuclear weapons, and if he cannot be removed from power, the world will soon face a new war.

Gennady Gudkov, a Russian opposition activist and retired FSB colonel, expressed this view in an interview with the Orestokratiya project. According to Gudkov, Russians will consider "at least two things" to be complete military defeats in the war - the expulsion of Putin's army from the border on February 23, 2022, or the de-occupation of Crimea (video posted at the bottom of the news).

Such a development would immediately raise the question that Putin has "deprived everyone of the future" because the Russian Federation will remain under sanctions and "the most severe restrictions on life," including for the Russian elite, which is the main beneficiary of Putin's regime. And the head of the Kremlin is well aware of this.

"This does not automatically mean a change of power, it does not mean removal, it means that there must be a special plan, which, unfortunately, no one is working on yet. We are now trying to think about this topic in the political circles of the Western coalition, but they say, "Guys, our task is to make sure that Ukraine wins, and then we'll think about it". And then it may be too late, because if Putin really turns the country into a huge North Korea with nuclear warheads and if they cannot remove him from power, it will be the most difficult option, which will not bring any peace and it will unfortunately bring a new war in the very near future," says Gudkov.

He noted that Putin has recently twice called on the FSB to begin "exposing the enemies of nations" - repressions are beginning to escalate. So far, Russian "patriots" who criticize the Kremlin "are not touched much," because Kremlin political technologists consider their criticism useful - against their background, Putin allegedly "looks much more restrained.

"But it's not far off when they're going to get spitballed. ...Putin has one last chance to turn Russia into North Korea, if this North Korea emerges, it will be largely a disaster, because the next war will start in a short time against Kazakhstan, maybe Georgia, maybe Armenia. Then, when these processes are in the first degree completed, there may be plans to resume hostilities in the West. Therefore, the situation is such that the world must have a serious plan for the democratization of Russia," the oppositionist stressed.

According to Gudkov, there is still a threat of removal from power for Putin, "as soon as it is clear that the war is lost. For now, he is trying to convince everyone that time is working for Moscow and that "everyone is running out of patience and resources.

"That circle of people who make up the administrative command of the system is still waiting, and that we are also very much waiting for. We are waiting for an offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and hope that it will be successful and successful and that Russia will be defeated," Gudkov said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- According to some analysts, the first day of the AFU counteroffensive will be decisive and should cause panic in the Russian forces. It will not be easy for Ukrainian forces to avoid the grueling nature of the war, even if their attacks are large, well-equipped and prepared.

- The head of the State Security Service of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, stated that all his predictions about the war had come true. As for the counterattack by the AFU, according to him, everything is going according to schedule.

- Putin's army is actively preparing for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, trying to determine the direction of the blows. The enemy is preparing up to 200,000 mobilized troops for defense. And the timing of the counteroffensive largely depends on the weather. The direction of the main strike will be determined by the General Staff a week before the start, said Igor Romanenko, former deputy chief of the General Staff of the AFU.

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