The world champion, who was performing at the Z-rally, threw a tantrum that "the whole planet is missing Russia". He got a response

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Russian figure skater could hardly contain his emotions

World ice dancing champion Nikita Katsalapov has said that all Russian athletes are tired of performing in neutral status. The 31-year-old Muscovite, who is paired with Victoria Sinitsyna, believes that the whole world is suffering from the absence of athletes from the Russian Federation on the world stage.

"We need to be allowed in, to free the sport from this, the whole planet lacks Russian sport. We can say as much as we want that we have everything inside. But we need to be let in!" - quoted the skater as saying.


In the comments, Katsalapov was reminded of his March concert in Moscow, where he paraded around with a "Z" on his clothes.

"Go to Luzhniki again, and then tell me where you should be allowed," the users wrote.


Fans respond to the skater about Ukraine.

"The whole planet would like to see the army of one state stay inside its recognised borders. But when has that ever hindered it?" - users note.


Katsalapov was ridiculed for his passage about the greatness of Russia.

"The whole planet doesn't give a sh*t about Russian sport, so maybe you should stop exaggerating your own importance?" - Russian fans wonder.


It is worth noting that due to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the International Skating Union (ISU) has suspended athletes from the Russian Federation and Belarus from all international competitions.

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