The threat of a plane crash: why you should always turn on the in-flight mode on your phone on airplanes

Phone on board an airplane. Source: pixabay.com

Almost everyone learned a long time ago, like our father, that when traveling by airplane, the cell phone should be switched to in-flight mode.

Remember that when you enter an airplane you get an announcement: "Please make sure that electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets, are turned off or in flight mode." this announcement in every airplane. Those who refuse can sometimes even be kicked off the plane, Travelbook writes.

As the captain of one of the planes explained, the answer to this question is quite simple. After all, if the cell phone has not been turned off or put into flight mode, the pilot could, in extreme cases, hear background noise - similar to that produced through a loudspeaker when the cell phone is too close. This could cause the pilot to stop (perfectly) understanding important radio signals, which can sometimes have serious consequences.

What dangers lie on board

It is emphasized that, according to aircraft pilots, unpleasant incidents often occur due to passengers not switching their phones to flight mode. It is specified that the reason is the radiation of the cell phone, which can disrupt the radio waves of the on-board communication system.

This could be a risk, especially during the approach, if all passengers turn on their cell phones at the same time - and they would then connect to their respective providers.

To add, in an effort to please the customer, you can also use Wi-Fi on almost all airlines. It often costs extra, but on some airlines it's already free.

And in some cases, there are also restrictions on certain services: for example, you may be allowed to send messages for free, but may be charged extra for services that require more data, such as streaming.

If you can't do without Internet on the plane, you should invest in a WLAN option if you're in doubt - there's a risk of death if your cell phone is on on the plane, even without in-flight mode, but usually not, the article says.

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