The star premiere of the Ukrainian mystical thriller "Egregor" took place in the capital. Photo

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Ukrainian film Egregor premiered in Kiev

On April 18 in Kiev in the cinema "Oscar" there was a star screening of a new mystical Ukrainian thriller "Egregor" directed by Stanislav Kapralov. The main role in it was played by the star of the television series "Coffee with Cardamom," actress Olena Lavreniuk.

The shooting of "Egregore" lasted for several years and took place in Ukraine, Poland and the United States before the full-scale invasion.

The film starred international stars: American actor Omri Rose, Polish actors Daniel Olbrichsky, Andrzej Zielinski and Ukrainian supermodel Valeria Karaman. The main role in the film was played by Olena Lavreniuk.

One of the exciting moments were the memories of the crew about actor Pavel Lee and pyrotechnician Alexander Suvorov, who took part in the creation of the picture, but with the beginning of military operations in Ukraine went to the front and, unfortunately, were killed in battle.

"The day of the premiere is always very exciting. Now I am overwhelmed with sad emotions because our pyrotechnician Alexander Suvorov is not with us, I still remember his emotions when the successful shots with explosions came out. Pasha Lee, who was my close friend, before every premiere we used to say words of support to each other, he's not with us now either. Before the premiere I got a call from Pasha Lee's mother and unfortunately she couldn't make it today, but she said exactly the words Pasha would say to me, so I felt he was there, like a guardian angel. It's a very special film for me, and I'm glad he agreed to this small role then, because actors live forever as long as cinema exists," commented Olena Lavreniuk.


The film "Egregor" tells the story of a New York detective who, after receiving an encrypted message, flies to Lvov, and does not yet know that the fate of mankind depends on him. The film is filled with plot twists and turns and the main surprise will be the detective's main secret in life.

The producer of the film "Egregor" Sergey Lavrenyuk noted that the film provides for the events of last year - a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

"I would like to note that in this film we have provided for the events that occurred last year. I think you will see and draw these parallels, because right now Ukraine is at the center of the world and fighting for peace in it. I want to thank everyone who came to the premiere!" shared Sergey Lavrenyuk.


Oleg Fagot Mikhailuta, Kateryna Silchenko, Timur Miroshnichenko, Maria Yaremchuk, Solokha, Olga Slon, Vyacheslav Solomko, Lesya Samayeva, Alexei Gladushevsky and others were present.

The host of the star-studded show was Anatoly Anatolich.


Already on April 20, fans of mysticism and mystery stories can watch the film at theaters in their cities and support the Ukrainian cinema.

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