The Russians "stole" a famous Ukrainian film and embarrassed themselves with a ridiculous translation: the reaction of the network

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Russians embarrassed by the illegal and ridiculous translation of the film

Citizens of the Russian terrorist country have once again disgraced themselves and been caught stealing. This time the Russians decided to translate without permission the famous Ukrainian film " Luxembourg. Luxembourg" and upload the ridiculous result to pirate resources.

The sounding in this "masterpiece" wants the best, and in some moments it is obvious that the text was translated by the person who does not understand Ukrainian. The network has already reacted to the cynical act of movie lovers with a slave and marauder mentality (to see the photo and video, please scroll to the end of the page).

A translated version of "Luxembourg. Luxembourg" can be found, for example, here. The title of the page emphasizes that the Ukrainian film has been translated into Russian. The "voice-over, multivoiced" translation is ear-piercing and laughable at the same time.

The Russian lines were recorded directly over the Ukrainian lines, so it is impossible to listen to the way some words overlap with others. The quality of the translation deserves no less attention.

For example, in one scene, the hero says that residues of alcoholic beverages, "reva and bermix," might have been found in the blood of another actor. Obviously, Ukrainians would have been able to translate the names of the products correctly, so the film was stolen by amateurs in the field of dubbing.

This was pointed out by Ukrainian actors, bloggers and other network users. On TikTok, one of the segments gathered more than 100,000 views.

"They steal by inertia. Every washing machine is different", "There are 'talented' dubbing actors disappearing somewhere", "Is Reva the one who's Alexander?" "Found more 'My Thoughts Are Quiet'. Was shocked", "Blood biochemistry: remnants of Reva and bermix", "Watched 10 seconds, but laughed for several minutes," - said in the comments.


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