The Russian Federation got scared because of the drone with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine!": allegedly found in the Kursk region

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The aggressor country of Russia said that it had allegedly discovered an unmanned aerial vehicle with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine!" in the Kursk region. According to the propagandists, the UAV was found in the morning of May 7.

The occupants posted guards near the drone. This is reported by Russian propaganda Telegram channels.

The Russian Federation issued that they found the drone 61 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, near the village of Polozovka.

It is noteworthy that the residents of the terrorist state were frightened by the inscription on the UAV "Glory to Ukraine!". The propagandists also stated that apart from this no other identifying signs were found.

It is worth noting that Russian propagandists did not publish any photos of the drone, which was allegedly found in the Kursk region. Also the drone was not reported by the region's officials.


Recall that on the night of May 7, explosions once again erupted in temporarily occupied Sevastopol. The occupants complained that the Crimean peninsula had been attacked by Ukrainian drones. According to propagandists, the UAVs fell on their own or were shot down by air defense forces.

Earlier it was reported that on April 29 the occupants in Sevastopol complained about a drone attack, which resulted in a "bavovna" at an oil depot near Cossack Bay. A fuel tank there burst into flames and the fire covered more than 1,000 square meters of area.

Also in temporarily occupied Crimea on May 1, there was a powerful explosion. It is likely that Putin's army was visited again by another "bavovna." In particular, explosions were heard near the settlement of Zaozerne (Yevpatoria) and Sevastopol.

By the way, the Russian terrorist army withdrew most of its warships from temporarily occupied Sevastopol in Crimea. The invaders moved military ships to Novorossiysk for fear of being attacked on the peninsula.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, a large-scale fire at an oil depot in Sevastopol in temporarily occupied Crimea will force Russians to disperse in search of a safer place. This undermining of the logistics of the invading force was the result of one of the elements of the AFU's preparation for active operations.

Only verified information we have in the Telegram channels Obozrevatel and Viber. Do not be fooled by fakes!

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