The raspberry crop will be very abundant: what you need to know about feeding in June

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Raspberry care involves three simple steps

Usually by mid-June, the raspberry blossom season is coming to an end and the berries begin to set and ripen. At this time it is important to help the plant with proper nutrition and care in order to get a juicy, sweet and large crop.

OBOZREVATEL gathered the basic tips for caring for raspberries during the formation of berries. There are three steps in total.


Like any berry, raspberries need plenty of water to get their juices flowing. To do this, it needs regular watering when natural rainfall is insufficient. It is better to water in the evening so that the water does not evaporate in the sun and penetrate deeper into the soil.


Raspberries like different insects that can significantly damage the crop. Therefore, it is important to treat bushes with insecticides in a timely manner. It is better to give preference to biopreparations, which have less effect on the fruits themselves. In any case, it is important to comply with the terms specified in the instructions until the raspberries after treatment are suitable for eating.


Raspberries need potassium and phosphorus to form big, sweet berries. These substances are contained in a mineral fertilizer called potassium humate. Use it according to the instructions on the package.

If, however, the bush begins to turn yellow and wilt, this is probably a sign of iron deficiency. In such a case, you should feed the raspberry with iron sulfate. One teaspoon of the product in 10 liters of water will be enough. Such fertilizer can be applied both by watering under the root and through spraying.

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