The next harvest will be richer: what to feed raspberries in the fall

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When raspberries stop fruiting, it's time to prepare it for winter.

The raspberry season is coming to an end, which means it's time to prepare the plant for winterization. After all, the next harvest depends on how it survives the cold season. To bushes strengthened and became more resistant to cold, they need to feed them in time and correctly.

OBOZREVATEL asked what kind of fertilizers need raspberries in the fall. And how to properly apply them.

Why it is necessary to feed raspberries in the fall

Sweet berry is very exhausting for the soil in which it grows. During the season, raspberries suck a lot of nutrients out of the ground, which must be restored in time.

The best time for this is immediately after the end of the fruiting season. For ordinary raspberries, this is about the middle of September. Remontant at this time can still ripen, so it is fed a little later - in October, and maybe even in November. This way the plant will have time to get a supply of food before the onset of cold weather.

How to prepare raspberries for fall fertilization

To ensure that all fertilizers get exactly the crop you need, remove all weeds in the raspberry plant before applying them. They should not compete with the plant for food.

It is also necessary to dig the ground. In the rows, the depth of digging should be about 8-10 cm, and in the inter-row rows - 15-20 cm. And you should also cut old and withered branches to rejuvenate and revitalize the plant.

What fertilizers to choose for raspberries in autumn

Experienced gardeners say that both organic and mineral fertilizers are beneficial. It is only important to prepare and apply them correctly.

As an organic fertilizer, you can take manure, compost, ash, chicken manure, peat or siderates. Manure needs to be over-fermented. It is introduced when digging at the rate of 4-5 kg per 1 square meter. But so feed the soil under the raspberry should be only once in 3-4 years.

Peat can be mulched bushes. Cover them with a layer of 10-15 cm and the peat deck on the one hand will protect the soil from external conditions, and on the other - enrich the nutrients.

To prepare liquid fertilizer from chicken droppings, it should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1 part of droppings to 20 parts of water. Thoroughly mixed liquid should evenly and thoroughly spill the bushes.

If you processed raspberry organic last year, this time it is better to give preference to mineral fertilizers. But it is important to avoid excessive nitrogen - it stimulates the plant to build up green mass, which on the eve of winter can damage it, because this is the time when plants go into dormancy.

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