The NBU presented a unique coin for Independence Day: what it looks like. Photo

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Ukraine will issue new commemorative coins
Ukraine will issue new commemorative coins. Source: NBU

To the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) has presented new commemorative coins "Courage to be. UA". They are dedicated to the courage of the Ukrainian people.

"They are special, because usually coins are dedicated to personalities, events or some purely material things. But we tried to find something that unites us and is worth being captured on a coin. And we found a common trait that is obvious to the whole world, a rice that, in fact, has become synonymous with the word "Ukrainians". This is courage!" - quotes the head of the NBU Andriy Pyshny the press service of the regulator.

Pyshny presented a coin
What the new NBU coin looks like
What the coin looks like

The obverse shows a stylized composition symbolizing Ukraine. The image of the Motherland is embodied in the symbol of trident, which is "on the cutting edge" of time, modern trends, social processes, the attention of the world and the creation of a new world history.

Today the whole world knows for sure that courage is to be Ukrainians. And to emphasize it, we made the surface of the silver coin partly mirror-like. Bring it to your face, see yourself, feel yourself a part of the indestructible Ukrainian nation. This is a reward for you! Each of you!", - emphasized Andriy Pyshnyy.

On the reverse of the coin there is a composition symbolizing the phenomenon of courage and heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people. In the center is a golden star, shining with new hope, which thanks to the incredible courage and determination of Ukrainians destroyed the unshakable ideological (mythical) "stone-concrete" of invincibility of the Russian army, for many decades indoctrinated by Russian propaganda to the whole world.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, Ukrainian 5 kopecks 1992 sell for 10,051 UAH. However, the price is not final and can become even more. The same cost is due to the collectible feature of the coin - it has the reverse (back side) is turned 180 degrees to the obverse (obverse).

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