The garden will be very aesthetically pleasing: which plants should be trimmed now

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Which plants should be pruned in August

Some plants need pruning at the end of summer. This process involves selectively removing parts of the plant - branches, buds, blossoms, etc.

Dry and damaged shoots take away strength and nutrients from young and healthy ones. What plants in the garden should be cut in August, told the Express.


Pruning will allow you to form a thicker and more symmetrical bush. It is important to consider the type of plant: pelargoniums are annual and perennial. In the first case, pruning is not necessary. Perennial geraniums are pruned in the spring and fall.

During the season, it is important to tear out the flowering shoots to stimulate the emergence of new ones. In the fall, it is necessary to prepare the plant for winter sleep and remove the flowering top.


Lavender is a hardy plant. Pruning at the end of August will allow the plant to recover for the winter and promote more vigorous growth next year. Secateurs should remove about 2.5 cm of annual growth - this is the stem and gray leaves. French lavender is pruned to 23 cm after the first flowering and steadily pruned by several centimeters during the season. Experts advise against cutting at an angle, but not too low to avoid damaging the plant.


Alstromerias need a little pruning. It is best to do it in August. It is even possible not to cut the stems with pruning shears, but to tear off damaged shoots at the beginning of the season.


Wisteria is pruned after flowering. From the main branch, remove all flowing side shoots and leave up to five leaves from the main stem. The purpose of pruning is the formation of flower buds for the next season, as well as thinning the bush. You can start the procedure as early as the beginning of August.

Pleated roses

Pruning of roses starts at the end of August and continues until the autumn cold. It is necessary to remove dry and weak shoots, because of which the plant simply loses strength. Also cut long stems to redirect growth and maintain the desired shape.

By the way, pleated roses need a support structure - a structure that will provide stability and help guide the growth of shoots. About ways to make a flowering wall and arch - read in the material.

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