The debris of the missile fell on a residential neighborhood, there are wounded: details of the night attack of the Russian Federation on Odesa. Photo and video

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The aftermath of the Russian attack on Odesa
The aftermath of the Russian attack on Odesa

There are injured people in Odesa as a result of a combined attack by the occupants with missiles and drones on the night of July 19. As of 9:30, it is known that at least six Odesa residents, including a 9-year-old boy, sought medical help for injuries caused by glass and other debris.

"As a result of combat work of destroying missiles and drones the blast in Odesa apartment complexes damaged several apartment buildings," OC "South" reported on Facebook. The press service also said that a Russian X-59 missile shot down by Ukrainian air defense fell on the territory of the city.

It was shot down on the approach to the coast. As a result, a large crater was formed in one of Odesa's neighborhoods, with the blast wave damaging several buildings around it. Three civilians were injured, OC South reported.

Flats in high-rise blocks were affected
The window flew out with the frame
Broken windows
The aftermath of the attack

Also, according to "Dumskaya", one of the commodity markets in Odesa was seriously damaged as a result of the attack. Due to a hit by a presumably cruise missile, warehouses with goods, including fireworks, were destroyed.

A fire broke out on an area of over 2000 square meters. It was extinguished by the fire department of a neighboring enterprise with at least 17 vehicles. The fire was localized, and all fire reservoirs in the area were emptied.

One person was injured. A lot of goods were damaged by the blast wave.

The aftermath of the attack


According to the official information of the Air Force of the AFU, on the night of July 19, the defenders of Ukraine destroyed over the country:

- 13/16 Kalibr cruise missiles (the occupants launched them from the Black Sea, presumably from the small missile ship Ingushetia and the frigate Admiral Essen);

- 0/8 CM X-22 (the launch was recorded from Tu-22M3 long-range aircraft from the Black Sea);

- 0/6 CM Onyx (the enemy used the Bastion coastal missile system in Crimea):

- 1/1 X-59 guided aviation missile (it was launched by a Russian Su-35 fighter jet from the waters of the Black Sea);

- 23/32x Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones (launched from the Chauda range (Crimea) and Primorsko-Akhtarsk (Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation).


Odesa under attack by the Russian Armed Forces on the night of 19 July
A high-rise building. Morning of 19 July
Fragments of debris
Windows were blown out in people's homes

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, during the night attack, the Russian occupiers hit two warehouses with tobacco and fireworks in different locations in Odesa district. An industrial facility, where a civilian employee was injured, was also under attack.

"Onyx" and X-22 missiles were directed at the port and critical infrastructure. Grain and oil terminal was hit, damaging tanks and loading equipment. A fire broke out at the site.

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