The best way to whiten school blouses: what to put in the washing machine

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This DIY laundry trick will work for both white children's blouses and adult shirts.

The new school year is a time of white blouses and shirts that kids leave a lot of stains on. Snacks at recess, paint from art class, grass from the schoolyard, pen paste, and many other things leave stains. It's something that has to be dealt with on a regular basis. Of course, traditional chlorine bleach can come to the rescue, but it quickly ruins the fabric.

Fortunately, to solve the problem helps to solve the problem penny handy means. They are also suitable for adult clothes, as well as for bed linens, towels and other things. OBOZREVATEL tells you about a useful lyfhak.

So, to whiten things, you will need hydrogen peroxide in pharmacy concentration and white vinegar. You can use them both together and separately.

To harness the power of two remedies at once, put your white clothes in the drum of your washing machine and pour in one cup of peroxide and half a cup of vinegar. In the detergent compartment, add your usual powder or gel and wash the clothes on a long (at least an hour) mode at 60 degrees. Or, if things do not suit such a mode, at the highest possible temperature.

In a solution of peroxide, white things can be soaked before washing to return them to whiteness. To do this, in a basin with warm (30-35 degrees Celsius) water dilute 3 tablespoons of the means. In this solution, put the clothes and leave for 20-30 minutes. Periodically stir the clothes to make the peroxide work better. After soaking, wash them as usual.

Vinegar can be used to wash away gray or yellow deposits from textiles and restore their softness. Simply add a cup of vinegar to the conditioner compartment when washing your whites again. Wash your clothes in the most suitable mode for them. As a result, they should shine white.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told what things can not be washed with oxygen powder - another popular means with bleaching effect.

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