The best inexpensive crossovers of today: the list of used cars is published

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Honda CR-V
Experts have identified successful models. Source: Honda

Crossovers have been the buzz of the season for many years. The secondary market is full of used cars at a good price, and this attracts buyers. But how do you choose the best car?

What Car experts have found the answer. Specialists know the market perfectly, so they have highlighted the top ten best inexpensive crossovers of no more than 8 years.

The best inexpensive used crossovers of no more than 8 years:

  1. Peugeot 5008;
  2. Audi Q5;
  3. Hyundai Santa Fe;
  4. Ford Kuga;
  5. Kia Sorento;
  6. Honda CR-V;
  7. Skoda Kodiaq;
  8. Volvo XC60;
  9. BMW X3;
  10. Toyota RAV4.
Peugeot 5008

The fashionable Peugeot 5008 is in the first place. Comfortable interior and quality finishing are the advantages of this practical model. According to experts, a small disadvantage is an inconvenient multimedia system.

The average option is the Honda CR-V. The spacious Japanese crossover drives perfectly and is well equipped. However, the interior finish is not too qualitative.

Toyota RAV4 was put in the last place. Specialists did not like the limited practicality and a short list of equipment. However, the car is still in the top ten, so the model has cons,such as reliability and economy.

OBOZREVATEL has already shared the best used cars up to 4000 dollars.

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