Tesla's low-cost pickup truck has been revealed online. Video

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Tesla Cybertruck
An electric car drove through the grounds of an unfinished factory. Source: Video screenshot

The new Tesla Cybertruck low-cost pickup truck was shown on the network again. This time it drove through the Gigafactory construction site in the state of Texas, USA.

InsideEVs reports about it. Electric novelty, which in no way will not be sent to production and whose launch date is constantly postponed, drove on the territory and around the unfinished structures.

It should be noted that the Tesla Cybertruck did not meet serious off-road obstacles on the territory of the construction site. There are few asphalt areas around the unfinished factory, but the rest of the terrain is a flat dirt surface, which the electric car easily coped with.

Tesla Cybertruck

This is still a pre-production prototype. However, the new vehicle is gradually approaching the production version.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck promises to be inexpensive. Previously, the price for the base model was claimed to be $40,000. That's less than what all competitors are asking for their vehicles. However, the Cybertruck must first go into production. This has not happened yet and the terms are constantly postponed, so the price can still change.

OBOZREVATEL previously showed an inexpensive electric vehicle from the author of the famous motorcycles.

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