Tesla's inexpensive Cybertruck pickup truck has unsuccessful build quality. Photo

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Tesla Cybertruck
It seems that history is repeating itself. Source: Tesla

An inexpensive Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck was shown online again. This time the electric vehicle surprised everyone with the assembly quality. Disappointed observers discuss the crooked seams and poor fit of body panels.

This was reported on Reddit by the user u/kmraceratx. He showed several photos showing an empathetic electric car with crooked seams between panels and mismatched parts. The problem may be fixed before the sales launch, but it's not certain.

The quality control and manufacturing techniques of Tesla electric cars are always questionable. Owners around the world are constantly complaining about crooked seams, squeaking parts, cracks in the power frame, poor quality paint and many other problems with which cars leave the assembly line and are sent to customers.

Tesla Cybertruck

Moreover, the body of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is made of thick stainless steel. This material is difficult to work with. Company experts recommended abandoning this idea but Ilon Musk insisted. Arguing with him inside Tesla is considered unacceptable.

Nevertheless, the Cybertruck is still a pre-production prototype. However, the new vehicle is gradually approaching the production version.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck promises to be inexpensive. Previously, the price for the base model was claimed to be $40,000. That's less than what all competitors are asking for their vehicles. However, the Cybertruck must first go into production. This has not happened yet and the terms are constantly postponed, so the price can still change.

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