Tarnavskyi: Occupants lost about two companies in the Donetsk sector over the last day, destroyed a lot of equipment

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Russian tanks near Vuhledar
Ukrainian defenders inflict losses on occupants in the Donetsk region

Over the last day, Russian occupants lost about two companies in the Donetsk sector in killed and wounded. In addition, Ukraine's defenders sent 8 pieces of enemy military equipment for scrap, including a tank, an IFV, an APC, an MTLB, and an Orlan-10 UAV.

This was reported by the Commander of the Tavria operational and strategic group of troops Oleksandr Tarnavskyi. He noted that the enemy unsuccessfully attacked the positions of the Defence Forces 31 times over the last day.

For their part, according to the commander, Ukrainian missile and artillery units carried out 826 fire missions. These included both counter-battery operations and work on planned targets identified earlier.


According to Tarnavskyi, the occupants keep trying to reach the borders of the Donetsk region. The enemy's main efforts are focused on conducting offensive actions in the Avdiivka and Maryinka directions. Russians regularly use tanks, multiple launch rocket systems and cannon artillery against the Ukrainian defence forces. Settlements bordering the contact line are also shelled. The enemy uses UAVs to adjust artillery fire.


Recall that recently, members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine organised a "safari" against Russian infantry. The footage posted online showed the work of the 92nd Separate Mechanised Brigade named after Ataman Ivan Sirko. The Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded the location of the Russian invaders and then launched a series of devastating strikes. The number of eliminated invaders is not specified.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- "The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian IFV-3 with its crew. The enemy armoured vehicle had been shelling the positions of Ukrainian defenders for several weeks;

- the Russian occupier said that Russian TV is lying about the "successes" of the Russian Armed Forces in the war against Ukraine. According to him, in fact, they have nothing to fight with, and the losses are such that the remains of the corpses of their comrades-in-arms are literally hanging on trees.

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